U/2 Bike Racks For Garage

U/2™ Bike Shelves are the standard in upside down U bike racks, and are suggested by the Organization of People and Bikers Experts (APBP) and meet govt requirements for Category 3 short-term bicycle vehicle parking.

Bike Racks For Garage

CycleSafe U racks provide two bikes per holder obtaining both the rim and structure. This improved balance inhibits colliding motorbikes and is more secure for pedestrian traffic shelves. And the effective design results in more motorbikes being sitting in less space than “wave type” racks.

U/2 Shelves by CycleSafe offer major technology with heavy evaluate 1-1/2″ Schd. 40 metal tube covered with a 1/8” dense black rubber covering which defends motorbikes from scrapes or the holder from corrosion.

CycleSafe suggests U/2 bike racks with a crossbar for added protection. The crossbar prevents a robbery by not enabling a secure to be fallen to the floor and eliminated with secure blades.

Polyester zinc oxide for beginners TGIC powdered cover completes are available in Classic, Modern, or Customized Shelves electro-statically used with a hard shine finish; custom shades available upon demand.

    Resilient, maintenance-free coatings
    Designed for consistent bike stability
    Recreational areas more motorbikes per rectangle foot


    In-ground, surface area or train mount
    Combination bar for additional security
    Customized TGIC zinc oxide for beginners powdered cover finishes