Modern Bike Racks For Garage

Modern Bike Racks

CycleSafe Modern™ Bicycle U Holder Series features the running design functions of the traditional upside down U bike shelves with a modern style. Designed to combination in with modern streetscapes or feature traditional surroundings, Modern Bicycle Racks supplement any streetscape as attractive city art to motivate eco-friendly transport.

Garage Bike Rack

Manufactured of heavy evaluate Sch. 40 metal tube with zinc oxide for beginners TGIC powdered cover, these shelves are built to hold up against city surroundings. Choose from the TGIC standard or customized cotton powdered cover completes.

Minimum order 6 units based on stock. Lead times may vary.


    Durable, maintenance-free TGIC powdered coat
    Offers bike balance, no issue with people aisles
    Greater bike capacity, no colliding motorbikes or handles


    In-ground, surface, or train mount
    Custom zinc oxide for beginners TGIC powdered cover finishes